Horsehair Bracelet Duo Jackpot

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Elastic beaded bracelet with horsehair, Tigereye, frosted tigereye and wood.

Bracelet Duo Jackpot consists of two bracelets that can be worn by both him and her. This duo has two centers; the horsehair bead, but also the huge Tiger Eye stone of the other half of this bracelet.
I will tell you further about the powerful Tiger Eye in this bracelet.

Tiger's eye gives strength, increases your energy and vitality. He puts you with both feet on the ground and ensures that you experience peace more easily. In difficult times, Tiger Eye can provide confidence and more faith in yourself. In addition, this semi-precious stone is also beautiful to see, because it constantly changes in the light. The Frosted Tiger Eye in this bracelet provides a winter layer. It seems like this bead carries a small layer of frozen dew with it. Don't worry, it feels wonderfully warm.

This set is also made of heavy quality elastic, handmade and fitted with glued blind knots. The advantage of this Duo is that all devide pieces are also made of Stainless steel. So no allergic reactions!

This piece of jewelry can be ordered with your own horse hair or with horse hair from DIERbaar sieraad. This piece of jewelry is also suitable for incorporating dog or cat hair.

Because each piece of jewelry is made by hand by me and not 1 hair is the same, there may be some difference with the example. If you have special wishes regarding the amount of hair and possible use of hair from different animals, let me know and I will make it into a unique and personal piece of jewelry.

For information about sending the hair, first look at this page and follow all the steps of sending. This is the only way we can make your PRECIOUS jewellery. You can also read the information there about measuring your wrist size correctly for the perfect bracelet.

Because a DIERbaar-sieraad is the most precious gift to give, you can choose to have it sent as a gift. Indicate this in the selection menus.

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