Measuring the length for your bracelet

Measuring the correct length for a bracelet is very easy. You measure the circumference of your wrist. It is best to do this just past the lump under your wrist. Depending on the wearing comfort that you are used to, you can add a few centimeters to that. Below you will find a table with an overview.

Bracelet fit                                                Bracelet size
  Tight bracelet                          Your wrist circumference + 1,5 cm
  Normal bracelet                      Your wrist circumference + 2 cm
  Loose bracelet                         Your wrist circumference + 3 cm

So, for example, if you have a wrist circumference of 16 centimeters, and you like to wear your bracelets tight, then the desired bracelet length is 16 + 1.5 = 17.5 cm.





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