All our jewelry can be made with your own horse hair or dog hair. There are also a number of models suitable for processing ashes, so that you can always carry your beloved animal with you.
The amount of hair and which hair you should send for what kind of jewelry is explained here.

With horse hair it is recommended to send tail hair. This hair is thicker, longer and stronger than the hair from the mane. It is best to cut a tuft at the back from the root of the tail. Here the hairs are the thickest and usually still completely intact.
If you go for a beaded bracelet, it's even nicer to pull a few hairs from the tail and you don't have to cut anything. This could also be done with hair from the mane.

The hair must be sent washed. This prevents you from seeing dirt and discolorations in your precious jewelry.

     Gently brush or comb through the hair on the tail before cutting off a piece.
     Measure how much hair you need and put a rubber band around it before you cut it. That way everything stays together nicely.
     Wash the hair with shampoo. This can also be done with normal human shampoo.
     Make sure no conditioner gets in!
     Let the hair dry thoroughly before sending it in.
     Do not braid the hair.
     Wrap them loosely around your hand and slide the hairs into a sandwich bag.

All this can be done in an envelope. Just add your name and the order number and it's ready to go!

If you would like the remaining hairs returned, please indicate this when ordering.

Pendants/ Bracelet beads: Only a few hairs are processed in our pendants and beads, so they are also suitable for hairs from the mane. Make sure (especially with white and light manes) that you send as thick as possible hairs. We select the thickest and most suitable hair and cut it to the right length. The length of the hair must be at least 4 cm and at least 10 pieces. This jewelry is also suitable for dog or cat hair. This will require more hairs to give a nice result.
Tassels: Our tassels come in different thicknesses and lengths. Always make sure to send 6cm length in pencil thick hair. Would you like the thickest and longest brush? Just to be sure, send her 15 cm length in pinky thickness.
Braid bracelets: These bracelets are where the most hair comes into play. Here we need a strand of about 45 cm length in pinky thickness.
Lapel pins: 4 hairs of 3 cm are sufficient.

If you are not sure whether you have enough hair at your disposal, please contact us and we will see if there are suitable options.
If there are any particularities (for example, hair from several animals), please indicate this on the note with your name and order number in the envelope. We cannot make jewelry without a name and order number, so always add this to the hair you send!
There is also the possibility to bring the hair to Boskleane 31 in Tytsjerk (near Leeuwarden). Please contact 06-13045085 (Call, SMS and Whatsapp possible) or by e-mail: to make an appointment. All sample jewelry is also available in our studio, in case you are still in doubt or want additional personalization.

What is a good bracelet length for a tight or loose bracelet?

Measuring the correct length for a bracelet is very easy. You measure the circumference of your wrist. It is best to do this just past the lump under your wrist. Depending on the wearing comfort that you are used to, you can add a few centimeters to that. Below you will find a table with a small overview.

Bracelet fit Bracelet size
  Tight bracelet Your wrist circumference + 1,5 cm
  Normal bracelet Your wrist circumference + 2 cm
  Loose bracelet Your wrist circumference + 3 cm

So, for example, if you have a wrist circumference of 16 centimeters, and you like to wear your bracelets tight, then the desired bracelet length is 16 + 1.5 = 17.5 cm.

If you want to surprise someone with a beautiful DIERbaar Sieraad, you can choose to have the jewelery beautifully wrapped. You can indicate this in the selection menus for each piece of jewelry.

The hairs can be sent to:

Wjuk 26
9145 RB Ternaard
the Netherlands

If you want to return the remaining hairs, please report this with the order. Also think about writing down and enclosing the order number.







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