Jurre 495

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Elastic beaded bracelet with horsehair, tiger's eye, lava stone and wood.

A Friesian horse belongs of course in the Stallion Specials project. DIERbaar-sieraad goes for the best and that is why the very best Frisian stallion has given his name to this beautiful bracelet. The four-time champion Jurre 495.
Stallion specials, beautiful bracelets designed in consultation with the owner or rider of the stallion.

Jurre 495 is approved by the KFPS and his pedigree is Maurits 437 (sport) x Jasper 366 (sport/pref).
We were warmly welcomed at the beautiful Stal Chardon farm and we were able to make Anita very happy with her unique bracelet, where Jurre 495's hair is the centerpiece.

Bracelet jurre 495 is a sturdy bracelet, which still exudes elegance. There are two powerful stones incorporated into this bracelet; Tiger Eye and Lava Stone.
Tiger Eye increases your energy, strength and vitality. It has a grounding effect and promotes tranquility.
The stone protects against negative external influences and provides insight into ourselves and others. In difficult times, tiger's eye can give strength and confidence. Lava rock gives you the courage and strength to persevere.
In the center of the bracelet is the round bead in which the hair or ashes are processed. All handmade and provided with heavy elastic in combination with a glued knot.

This piece of jewelry can be ordered with your own horse hair or with horse hair from DIERbaar-sieraad. This piece of jewelry is also suitable for incorporating dog, cat, human hair or ashes.

Because each piece of jewelry is made by hand and not 1 hair is the same, there may be some difference with the example. If you have special wishes regarding the amount of hair and possible use of hair from different horses, let us know and we will turn it into a unique and personal piece of jewelry.

For information about sending the hair, first look at this page and follow all the steps of sending. This is the only way we can make your PRECIOUS jewellery. You can also read the information there about measuring your wrist size correctly for the perfect bracelet.

Because a DIERbaar-sieraad is the most precious gift to give, you can choose to have it sent as a gift. Indicate this in the selection menus.

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