Wellbrow Tommy

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Elastic beaded bracelet with horsehair, Turquoise, natural stone, shamballa and wood.

DIERbaar-sieraad can add another champion to the stallion specials.

Bracelet Tommy is the eighth bracelet in the Stallion Specials series and the second of the year 2022. Beautiful bracelets designed in consultation with the owner or rider of the stallion.

Wellbrow Tommy, now 18 years old, is a 1.38m high Fellpony bred in England. It is a descendant of Heltondale Mountain Mist II out of a dam of Wellbrow hercules.
He became no less than 3x champion at the stallion selection and in 2016 he also obtained the sport predicate dressage under saddle.

During the presentation of the bracelet, Tommy showed that in addition to being a tough stallion, he is also a great children's pony. The daughter of owner Nynke van der Horn was able to ride on the champion's back and take a tour through the yard. Tommy is a stud at De Flint in Fochteloo, where Nynke also offers the new form of trauma and stress processing ESDR therapy.

The bracelet has two colors in the base, Black and Turquoise. The Turquoise stone that has a prominent role in this bracelet has a purifying and balancing effect. It has a vitalizing effect on exhaustion and has a positive effect on depression and mood swings. This bracelet has a Stainless Steel name tag, where any desired name can be entered.
In the middle of the bracelet is a round bead in which the hair or ashes are incorporated. All handmade and provided with heavy elastic in combination with a glued button.

This piece of jewelry can be ordered with your own horse hair or with horse hair from DIERbaar sieraad. This piece of jewelry is also suitable for incorporating dog, cat, human hair or ashes. It is possible to have a name of your choice on the stainless steel label.

Because each piece of jewelry is made by hand and not 1 hair is the same, there may be some difference with the example. If you have special wishes regarding the amount of hair and possible use of hair from different horses, let us know and we will turn it into a unique and personal piece of jewelry.

For information about sending the hair, first look at this page and follow all the steps of sending. This is the only way we can make your PRECIOUS jewellery. You can also read the information there about measuring your wrist size correctly for the perfect bracelet.

Because a DIERbaar-sieraad is the most precious gift to give, you can choose to have it sent as a gift. Indicate this in the selection menus.

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